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“Scrap Paper Loves Me”
May 1, 2020

Scrap paper loves me.

I spent my college years in a state after the Soviet Union collapsed where finding a pencil, notebook, or even just a sheet of paper was hard because of the economy. Students were blessed if their parents managed to buy school supplies such as these. But ever since becoming close friends with scrap paper, scrap paper has loved me.

Any time I come across a piece of scrap paper, I know this paper is so precious and not easy to find. I collect it and put it in my folder to save for another day; therefore, scrap paper loves me.

I use every inch of both sides of the paper to solve math problems; therefore, scrap paper loves me.

I recycle scrap paper to bring it back to life in different forms. I believe if scrap paper is alive, it can see me and love me.

Ever since I have become a teacher, I have been teaching my students how and why we value and save scrap paper. Once, my students made kites with blank sheets of paper, and once they drew pictures, pouring their hearts out on scrap paper. I recommend my students use scrap paper and let them feel free to express themselves to paper; therefore, scrap paper loves me.

Many years later, I moved to the United States to live in a place where wasting pencils, notebooks, and paper is common.

I was afraid that scrap paper would hate me if I did nothing to protect it.

I value my friendship with scrap paper, and believe I can make scrap paper love me again. I collect scrap paper and talk to scrap paper for many reasons – solving math problems, making kites for children, drawing pictures, and revealing my innermost thoughts; therefore, scrap paper is starting to love me again.

I took one more action to rebuild my friendship with scrap paper: I made a notebook with a bunch of scrap papers and used them often; therefore, scrap paper is starting to love me again.

Now, I make so many scrap paper notebooks to share with others – from my kids and students to friends; therefore, scrap paper loves me again.

People are amazed and ask me how they can become friends with scrap paper, too. Now, scrap paper has more friends; therefore, scrap paper loves me.

Even when many years pass, scrap paper will still love me because I made it friends with many more people. Scrap paper is not alone anymore.

I am proud to say that I set scrap paper free. I made scrap paper feel at peace with you and me. Scrap paper keeps me free to believe, too. Without scrap paper, I could not share what’s inside of me. My heart would be bottled up inside, but scrap paper gives me a place to express thoughts. Scrap paper gives me a place to feel free. I love scrap paper, and I know that scrap paper loves me.

For the many other people in the world who are afraid to express themselves on scrap paper, scrap paper can make you feel free too. Building a relationship with scrap paper is one of the best things you can do. Pour your heart out to scrap paper, and scrap paper will love you just like scrap paper loves me. If you and I are there to save scrap paper, scrap paper will also be there to save you and I.