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Editorial Policy
Mar 14, 2018

Published bimonthly and distributed throughout the world, The Fountain covers themes on life, belief, knowledge, and universe. In a world of extreme compartmentalization in science and over-indulgence in daily occupations and worldly affairs, The Fountain’s discourse refers to an overarching coverage of the human life with content as diverse and rich as the human life itself, yet with a common thread and pattern that is neatly knitted all the way through our composition.

The Fountain is a composition, one in which each and every member of the human family can hear his or her conscience’s calling, a reflection of what is not always visible to the eye, or a response to the yearning deep in the heart and mind; a response that sometimes finds its definition best expressed in a poem, and at other times in a journey into outer space or through the veins of the human body. It is reading the universe, the major book of creation, and making sense out of it by way of the manual of Divine guidance.

The Fountain is an effort to try and see the reality through the veils of apparent causes and to obtain our share from each phenomenon, each of which is a letter enclosed with a message addressing us.

The Fountain covers the following themes:

  • analytical articles on religious and scientific topics
  • reviews for books about new and contemporary issues
  • answers for frequently asked questions

The Fountain prefers to publish articles which:

  • encourage scientific discovery that is in the service of humanity,
  • popularize scientific topics for average readers, rather than addressing to a field-specific audience,
  • promote altruism and devotion to positive action,
  • adopt a multicultural approach, aiming to find a consensus on universal human values,
  • serve to break the stereotyped images in minds about different cultures and faiths, and provide guidance in a world of cultural diversity,
  • accept everybody as they are, encouraging dialogue in society and preventing the idea of the other,
  • underline that terror has nothing whatsoever to do with religious faith,
  • do not deal with temporary agendas, like politics, but promote actuality instead.

Note: The explanations above aim to exemplify the type of topics with which the magazine is concerned in order to help brainstorming. Please do not feel restricted about writing on any other topic that may be suitable for the magazine.


The editors reserve the right to edit and correct all articles. The essence of the article will be maintained. If there are numerous stylistic inconsistencies, the article will be returned to the author for further review and resubmission.

The article's title; author's full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address; educational background, university affiliation, other publications; the length of the article (the number of pages and words); and a brief abstract (150 words or less) should be provided. Articles should not be less than 1,500-2,000 words.

Proper sources, citations, and endnotes according to the Chicago Manual of Style should be provided. If another style is used, all citations must be consistent. Alphabetize bibliographical references in endnotes. References must contain: Author, (year of publication), title, place of publication, publisher, and page numbers. Citations within the text must be in the Harvard style: Author surname, year, page number(s). Quotations from the Sacred Books must be italicized. Provide the chapter's name and number, and the number of the verse(s). Send original illustrations or photos in hardcopy, or on disk in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator formats.

As The Fountain is intended for general readers, please do not use jargon, region-specific, or technical terms. Non-English or unfamiliar words may be explained in a glossary, or translated/explained immediately after the word.

The opinions and views expressed by The Fountain's contributors and editors are their own, and do not necessarily express The Fountain's viewpoint or position. The Fountain does not accept responsibility for views expressed in articles or other contributions that appear in its pages.

Please send your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..